Our Story

Forge Hill Farms is a family farm operated by Scott and Jennifer Simpson. We are grateful to be in our sixth year of running Forge Hill Farms CSA. It is a joint labor of love for us. We share a vision for the purpose, process and future of Forge Hill.

The farm is located on a 36 acre preserved property in Downingtown PA. We purchased the property in 2009 so that Scott could start an ornamental tree nursery alongside of his landscaping company. After fully moving into the renovated farm house in 2012, another idea emerged for the farm. Jennifer, with a lot of Scott's help, began to develop a plan for a CSA with the specific purpose of providing vocational skills for young adults who have neurodevelopmental disorders. This group of individuals typically age out of all support programs when they enter adulthood. The hope is to use the CSA to teach agricultural skills including food production, tree nursery operations and landscaping. Scott knows full well from running his landscaping business what a constant need there is for motivated and skilled laborers.

Before there were even seeds in the ground, we were introduced to the horticulture program at the Chester County Learning Center. Through this connection, two young men came to work at the CSA in its earliest days and have been helping ever since. We are truly grateful to Mr. Mike Walls and Ms. Donna DiPrinzio who have been and continue to be friends and advisers. Ward, a friend of Scott and Jennifer’s, heard about the idea to start the CSA and has been working towards its development since 2016. Ward has helped to grow the CSA and the relationship with the Chester County Intermediate Unit program. Several of our other friends have been our first customers and dedicated volunteers.

We are grateful to be able to continue to grow our membership. We are excited to continue to strengthen our connection with the Chester County Intermediate Unit and to be part of their overall goal to prepare their students for success in the workplace and independent living.