Every CSA is unique. Here's how our particular CSA operates:  

We have three ways that you can enjoy our produce: sign up as a full member, a half member, or enjoy our buyers club option. 

Full and half share members will receive a weekly email with a list of what is available and related recipes. Members will be asked to select their pick up day and then customize their box. A full share is designed to feed a family of 4-6 people and a half share is for a family of 1-2 people.

Buyers Club  Seasonal memberships are the less expensive option; however, if you are not able or ready to commit to weekly pick ups we also offer a buyers club option. To participate in this option, you would join our mailing list and receive the weekly email of what is available. The email provides links for you to indicate what size share you would like, your customized preferences, and what day you would like to pick up.

Customization  In 2023, we adopted a software system that allows members to customize their weekly shares based on what YOU want!! Each week, you will select what you would like to pick based on your preferences. If you would rather have beets than carrots, you can select more beets and no carrots. We hope this option will encourage you to utilize (and enjoy!) everything in your share. If you want to be explore items that might be new to you, you also have the option to select Farmer's Choice which allows you to bypass the selection process.  

Mission-Driven  At our CSA, consumers also know that they are contributing to a mission-driven farm that is committed to the development of an agricultural skills vocational program for young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders. We are grateful to be working with the Chester County Intermediate Unit and the Vanguard School as we continue to develop our program.

Why join a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food from a farmer. Farmers offer “shares” which allows CSA members to fill a box with selected vegetables and fruits that are offered weekly.

CSAs allow farmers to refine their garden plan, improve their financial stability throughout the year, and provide opportunities for farmers to get to know the people who eat their food. For the consumer, a CSA provides all the flavor and nutritional benefits that come with ultra-fresh foods. Consumers also get to visit the farm and are introduced to new varieties of produce and ways of cooking.

Click here to view our Resource Guide to help you make the most of your share this season!